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Wanderings in Weston Underwood and our baby alpacas reaction to meeting our hens.

It's definitely autumn here now! The trees are almost finished changing their colours and leaves are falling everywhere. Our alpacas are really starting to fluff up and my woolly hat has been out a few times this week.

Amelia, our 5 month old white alpaca, has spent the last week back over in our home field, hiding in the stable keeping her toes dry. Unfortunately she had been suffering with cracked toes which had started to become infected. It looks like this was caused by the grass suddenly being wet for so long. But, after 10 days of antibiotics and some time to dry out she's almost back to normal and is out causing trouble in the field again. She has slightly purple toes currently due to the pink alpaca clay and blue spray slightly dying her fleece, but this will disappear over time.

On Sunday we let her and mum out of the stable and she was full of energy and mischief. Running and jumping, being nosy and investigating everything. You might have seen the video of her finding the hens for the first time on Instagram, but if not here it is.

After weeks of working on the garden and doing general jobs we decided this weekend we would take some time out. So on Sunday we went for a little explore and a walk near Weston Underwood and out to National Trust house and garden, Kedleston Hall.

I am always amazed that after living here for 3 years there are still so many walks we are still discovering.

Muddy feet, wet dogs, red kits, buzzards, sheep and cows. Always something to see alongside the ever changing landscape.

Best photo of the walk, some amazingly red toadstools. I'm sure one of you clever lot will know the name.

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