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Running alpacas and an alpaca pedicure

It’s been a steady news week here, plenty happening with the day job, fencing changes, and the garden is coming along. James will be a fully fledged waller soon!

We’ve had some more walks this weekend and met some lovely people. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram - we love to see the moments you capture on your walk and time with Amelia.

If you would like to come and join us you can book an alpaca walk on our website.

We can also be flexible on what you want to do, so if you have children who would like to meet and feed our alpacas but won’t want a walk, just let us know and we can adapt to you.

The electric fencing has been moved around to make the most of our fresh grass. It’s important we get the right level of condition on everyone before winter.

The boys we use on our alpaca walks and for weddings were particularly pleased and spent a while running and pronking around the field before settling in to eat the hedge. All that new grass and they continue to graze on the hedge.

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Our other job for this weekend was trimming toe nails. I’m not going to lie, whilst we don’t have to do this very often it is possibly our least favourite job, so Sunday we chose to just get the girls feet done and we will deal with the boys Monday evening. This is not a job I will be doing on an Instagram live!

Incase you are wondering, I really do mean toe nails. One of the great things about alpacas is they don’t ruin your fields in winter, and in part that is because they have pads (like dogs) and toenails rather than hooves (like sheep or horses)

Mary is our odd one out. Instead of standing up while we do this, she sits down... and tucks her feet under her belly. Thanks Mary!

If you want to see how we do this and what their feet look like, let us know in the comments and I will see if we are brave enough to film it.

We also managed to check on our bees again this weekend. One hive is doing amazingly well, but two aren’t quite as busy as we would like, so this week we will be feeding them a bit more sugar syrup (it will be an autumn/winter feed of 2 parts sugar to 1 part water) to give them a boost and I also gave one of them a frame of eggs and larvae from our strong hive to give them a kick start.

The colours of pollen they are bringing in at the moment are gorgeous shades of autumn.

Candleford Honey will soon be available for sale, if you live locally you can stop buy to grab your jar - 100% honey from our hives and processed on site.

Next week is another busy one so keep your eyes on our social pages so you don’t miss out.

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