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Look what we found!

You might have noticed in some of our previous photos that we have left large sections of our field unmown and slightly wild.

Three alpacas at Candleford Cottage eating grass surrounded by buttercups
Cangaroo, Curly Wurly and Pippin

Full of clover, buttercups and in some spots Michaelmas daisies Why have we done this? 1. Who doesn't love looking at field full of little flowers? 2. Our honeybees and lots of other bugs have been very busy buzzing back and forth. If you head out in the sunshine you can hear a steady hum all over the field. 3. Wildlife. Bunnies scurrying and playing, birds hiding, mice hiding from the local birds of prey, a head row full of nesting birds and even a wren.

A nest of pheasant eggs at Candleford Cottage
Pheasant eggs!

And, nesting pheasants. Tonight whilst trying to herd the girls in we disturbed a hen pheasant, we'll actually she flew straight at James' head. Why? She had been hiding on a nest full of eggs and we had gotten a little bit close. We may not be organic but it looks like our sympathetic approach to managing our grasslands seems to be having a positive impact.

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