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January 2020 Newsletter | Snowy Days

And just like that January is over. I know it is said a lot, but this month really has gone quickly. We’ve had all the seasons; monsoons, virtually T-shirt weather and of course snow days.

In this newsletter we will be giving you a round up of January and a glimpse of what is coming next month.

  • January’s jobs list

  • Fleecy facts

  • Treat yourself

  • Buying your alpaca feed

  • Saying goodbye to a special friend

  • New additions

  • February planning

January’s job list

Despite the mince pie hang over the jobs list still needs to be ticked off.

For our alpacas that meant pedicures all round, vitamin supplements, body condition scoring and building over sized hay bars. Many bales of straw have been used for bedding and even more haylage has been eaten.

Our hens went into lock down due to the current avian flu situation (you can wind out more from

The bees are thankfully still hibernating so that was one less job.

Fleecy facts

How much do you know about alpaca fleece? When can we call it wool and what can it be used for?

Recently we tackled these topics in our blog. If you missed it you can catch up here: Fleece Facts

Treat yourself

Last summer our herd were sheared, an essential part of looking after alpacas and we sent our fleece for processing at Lilipop Mill in Cannock. Now we have everything back made into some wonderful hand made products; scarves, headbands, scarf kits, pillows and cushions.

With each item you will also get a card telling you more about which alpacas fleece was used in your products. Take a look at our short video to help you choose “whose fleece will you choose?” and then hop onto our order form to order your favorites.

Did you know that we also sell GWFNutrition alpaca and llama feed? This is the same feed that we use for our own herd so you can be sure we trust the quality.

You can order directly from ourselves via this form with options for collection or delivery and PayPal payments.

If dogs or horses are more your thing, let us know as we can also order from their dog and equine ranges.

Some of you may already be aware but we unfortunately said goodbye to Merry this month.

He will definitely be missed and has left a Merry shaped hole in our herd. Such a cheeky little chap who loved his neck scratching with and had a surprising turn of speed if he spotted the feed bucket.

New Girls

Nicole, Alyssa and Morwenna have finally arrived. These beautiful girls will be joining our breeding herd and we hope Nicole and Morwenna will be producing their first cria this summer. Alyssa will have another year of fun and growing up with Amelia and may join our alpaca experience and alpaca walks team until it is her time to become a mum.

Keep your eye on our social media and YouTube accounts for some “Getting to know you” videos.

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