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Animals at weddings

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, celebrating your love and happiness, bringing friends and family together to share in that celebration. But ultimately its about you. So, if you want to have a bit of fun and treat yourself to something different, you do it!

If that means having your family dog with you on the day, do it! If you want to create something truly unique and have a curiosity about alpacas or llamas, have them a llama at your wedding reception or hire alpacas in bow ties to add that bit extra to your photos. If birds of prey are more your thing, what about an owl as your ring bearer?

OK, so it might sound slightly unusual but it also sounds like pretty memorable wedding reception entertainment right?

Over the course of 2020, despite Covid-19 trying it's best to delay things, weddings continue, couples are still wedding planning and we have been lucky enough to attend some great wedding fayres and see some great ideas for personal, unconventional weddings and quirky wedding entertainment.

Brown alpacas wearing flower garlands stand with bride and groom for wedding photos | Candleford Cottage
Cangaroo and Curly Wurly rocking their flower garlands.

Obviously I am a little bias, but first up, alpacas at weddings. Alpacas and llamas at weddings is something which has grown in popularity in the UK recently. Hop onto Pinterest and you can lose your self in a world of photos. Whether you are just curious about their nature, fancy walking through the grounds of your venue with a llama in a bow tie, or wowing guests with alpacas in flower garlands there are options out there.

Our very own Cangaroo and Curly Wurly recently took part in a wedding inspiration photo shoot inspired but the Scarecrows Wedding and absolutely rocked the flower garland look. You can see the full shoot here.

Alternatively you can create a petting area, giving your guests something to do while you are taking a few minutes to yourself, or trying again to find great aunt Mary for the family photos. Selfies with an alpaca are always a hit and guests can get to know them and feed them too.

You can find out more about options by having a nosy at our packages. Their soft fleece, calm temperament and gorgeous little faces really make them special.

Red and white border collie wearing a bow tie, stands next to a bride
Our border collie Puzzle, at our wedding in 2019.

Next up, your dog.

Would it really be a family photo with Rocky missing?

Are you worried what to do with your fluffy best friend on the day?

There are companies out there, such as Precious Pets Weddings, who will bring your dog to your wedding, care for them on the day and help get them involved when you want them involved. So there are now worries about who will walk them, or what if it's too much.

A single barn owl sits on a tree stump
Aren’t barn owls just gorgeous?!

What about birds of prey?

Perhaps you are having a Harry Potter themed wedding and want to add that touch of authenticity, or maybe you just love their grace and power. Well, you can do that too.

Owls as ring bearers, birds of prey display flights, viewing areas, these are all ideas that you can actually have at your big day.

We recently met Oscar from The Falconry Centre, a gorgeous gent who spent the day at Meadow Vale Wedding venue. I have to confess, given the chance he would have been coming home with us!

Over to you! Would you have animals at your wedding and if so, what would you pick?

Let us know in the comments below.

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