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No more moat! Alpaca walks and worm counts.

Not a bad office to be writing the blog tonight.

Sat In the field on Sunday night watching the gang just being them; Amelia feeding from mum, Pippin and Sam playing and everyone else grazing. Toad in the hole is in the oven thanks to James, I may be biased but thats a pretty good evening and a nice way to round off a busy weekend with our first full weekend of alpaca walks under our belts.

The not so glamorous behind the scenes is I’m actually waiting for everyone to poop so we can take samples for worm counting. I guess if this blog was selling you the perfect life I would have left that part out...

This week we have made loads of progress on the garden, and solving the issues with the damp in James’ office. We started the week with an actual moat round the end of the house, full of water from the last rain which James was emptying with a pond pump every time it got too high.

Fun fact - soakaways don’t work if your house is built on clay!

We dug out a channel around the house, installed a land drain and reconnected all the down pipes, adding in some extra channels ready to collect the run off water when we get around to paving. Fingers crossed it works!!

Thursday we did another spit off with Ambition and we are pretty sure she is pregnant now! We tested her with both Sam and Pippin, who to be honest didn’t really understand why she hated them so much. If you aren’t sure what a spit off is you can watch our YouTube video here to see how it’s done. Next week we have a visit from the vet for a health check on all the alpacas and we will do a final spit off. Then it is fingers crossed until roughly the start of August when we get to see our baby alpaca.

White huacaya alpaca Cria from Candleford Cottage
Candleford Amelia

This weekend was also our first trial run of doing alpaca walks and it seems like it went really well, so get yourself over to our facebook page if you’d like to book to meet our alpacas.

We even got a 5 star recommendation from one of our walks.

We met some lovely people and it was great to see them enjoying time with our alpacas.

The walks consisted of 20 minutes getting to know our girls and getting up close with Amelia (she really doesn’t understand personal space and loves shoes laces at the moment). Then we have roughly 25 minutes walking the boys around the field with a chance to feed them along way. You can take as many photos along the way as you like. The main thing is you enjoy it.

So, why was I collecting poop? Well, with our herd of alpacas we don’t worm them monthly. We worm them when required. The reason we do this is it helps to reduce the risk of resistance to vaccines. So I’ll be off to the post office in the morning to send the samples down to Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd where they will be checked and a full report will be sent back so we know if we need to do anything. If you are looking to own alpacas, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website as there is loads of useful information on care and health.

Time for a cup of tea so I’ll say bye, and hope you all have a good week.

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