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Meet our alpacas, experiences their characters, learn how to care for them, or invite them to your event.

In the words of our guests....

"Alpacas may look a bit like a long necked sheep, a tall wooly goat or even a sheep crossed with a horse but having met them today, they're a whole entire vibe of their own 😀 I get the hype now! They have a charming inquisitiveness about them, they're full of character and if you're lucky enough to get chosen for a stroke, their wool is incredibly soft. Listen out for the snuffly noises they make whilst they potter around too. Fabulous animals."

Alpaca Walks

All of our alpaca walk bookings are private and by appointment only. Why? Well, it means we can create 100% bespoke sessions for you and your group.


Our 1 hour sessions give you the chance to learn a little bit about alpacas before taking a leisurely walk through our fields, just outside Ashbourne Derbyshire. Alpaca walks will make for an unforgettable experience for all the family with plenty of opportunities for that perfect photo so you can remember the day forever.

Our alpaca walking experiences include a chance to meet all of our 23 alpacas.

You will get the chance to meet and feed our 12 female alpacas and 2 cria whilst learning a little about alpacas. 


Next you will head over to meet our 9 halter trained boys and take them for a walk through the fields.

We are conveniently positioned almost equal distance between Ashbourne, Derby, Carsington and Belper, making a visit to meet our herd a great addition to a day out or an evening treat.

Alpaca Walks


When can you visit?

Throughout 2022 our alpaca walks will be held on Saturday and Sunday, by prior booking only.

If you are trying to book using a voucher please get in touch via email or phone.


If you do not have a voucher but would still like to book, let us know when you have in mind and we will try our best to get you booked in.

Don't forget to check out our information on keeping you safe during your visit here

Keeping you safe during your visit

As well as making sure you enjoy your time with us and our herd of alpacas, it is equally important that you are safe.
Please take a few moment to look at the information below to make sure you understand the information.


Are alpacas safe?

Alpacas are generally very calm animals during the walk. The fields we use for our experiences are the fields they call home so there shouldn't be any surprises for them.
But, please be aware they are animals and so do not always follow the script so may occasionally jump if something scares them.

What should we wear?

All of our experiences take place outdoors so please dress appropriately for the great British summer and walking in a field. 
That means bring a jacket and wear shoes you can walk around a grassy, lumpy field (not flip flops!).
You can not use an umbrella during your experience.
Very flappy clothing is also not advised.

Can I hug your alpacas?

Can I bring ...

Whilst alpacas are awesomely soft and fluffy, they do not like to be hugged the way teddy bear would. 
So as to not spook them it is best to move calmly around them and they may sniff your hands and face once they are comfortable with you.
When they have their headcollars on they will let you stroke their necks, but please do not touch their heads, ears or fluffy butts.

There are some things you cannot bring with you including:

- Pushchairs

- Dogs

- Picnics

- Umbrellas

However you can definitely bring:

- A camera

- Warm clothes

- Questions and curiosity

- Field friendly footware

What facilities do you have?

What about COVID-19?

During your experience you will get hands on with our alpacas, feeding them or stroking them so we have a mobile hand wash station available.
Unfortunately we do not have a visitors toilet available.

We ask that if you or someone you are in close contact with receives a positive result or begins to show symptoms, that you contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your experience.

During your experience we will be outdoors and we can social distance. All our bookings are limited to one group so you will only be with people you know.

Should the restrictions change, we will contact you ASAP if this impacts your experience.

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